Mission and Objectives of the:

Civil Intelligence Association
Defense Oversight Group

Our mission is to reform the Intelligence community, as well as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the United States government so that they once again adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution. We do so through only the legal means that are available, and that is through informing the People of the past, present, and pending future actions taken by the Intelligence community that violate the precepts that our Founding Father's laid down in the basis of all U.S. laws, the United States Constitution. By the People being informed, they can once again be given the opportunity to make the informed, and not merely the popular, choices in who they elect to represent them.

Reform through lawful, and peaceful means. Not armed insurrection. Not disruptive, and largely unproductive public protest. Not through terroristic criminal acts of vandalism against the governmental computer systems and commercial internet websites. Reform through proper participation of the People, for the People, that this great nation may once again become the beacon of light and justice towards which all peoples may point as an example of a nation where no man is above or below the law.

This Association fully supports, and assists local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies whenever criminal acts have been committed, so that the criminals can be apprehended, prosecuted, and sentenced.

This Association fully supports, and assists the Intelligence Community whenever foreign espionage against this nation is detected, so that the spies and saboteurs may be apprehended, prosecuted, and sentenced.

This Association insists that all Intelligence and Law enforcement agencies obey the will of the People, and adhere to the laws and regulations established to govern their behavior. No deviation will be tolerated. This Association insists that the Legislative branch exercises its oversight functions vigorously and consistently. No Senator or Congressional Representative, assigned to an Oversight Committee function, who turns a blind eye to violations will be tolerated long in office, and their records and breach of trust shall be made public by every means available.

This Association insists that every President, regardless of political party, shall Uphold, Protect, and Defend the U.S. Constitution against all Enemies of its precepts, be they foreign or domestic in affiliation. Every President shall obey the laws of this land, and the will of the People whom he serves.

This Association insists that every Attorney General will enforce the laws duly legislated by the Houses of Congress vigorously and will do so against any President, or other member of the Executive Branch that violates those laws.

This Association insists that all Justices of the Supreme Court, and all Justices subordinate to them, whether federal, state, county or municipal shall adjudicate the Laws established by Congress in such manner that all victims of crimes are compensated, and all criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent that those laws demand. That all sentences shall be served out in-full, and that Plea Bargaining shall become the exception, and not the rule of prosecutorial practice.

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Civil Intelligence Association, Defense Oversight Group


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