"To bring Knowledge, the Ultimate Power, to the Power-less"

"The MEEK shall INHERIT the Earth, for the BOLD will ACHIEVE the STARS "

World Education Enterprise

Robert L. Scott
BS Network Technologies 2009; AAS Network Administration 2000; CCNA 2001; CFOT 2002.

8 yrs USARMY / Arizona Army National Guard: Sgt E5, Tactical Communications Systems Supervisor.

5 yrs Grade 30/32 Senior Electro-mechanical Systems Technician, MOTOROLA: ( TRE Electro-Mask Systems / Data General Nova 4 mini-computers / Hewlett-Packard 2100 / 21MX mini-computers / Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 mini-computers / ETEC MEBES / Varian-Extrion Ion-Implanters Focussed Ion-Beam 20KeV @ 20Amp / 200KeV @ 1000Amp systems / Motorola SAT-96 monoboard micro-computers ) Mesa, Arizona.

13 yrs Senior Field-Service Engineer, Leica / Philips Scientific and Industrial Manufacturing, Focussed-Electron 20KeV / 5 KeV / 100 KeV, Eindhoven, the Nederlands.

2 yrs Computer Technician / Network Technician Contracted to Open Entry Open Exit Computer Lab, Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona.

2 yrs Program Director / Senior Technology Instructor / Network Administrator / IT Support Supervisor, Lamson Business College, Tempe, Arizona.

7 yrs Information Technology Instructor, Collins College of Design and Technology, Phoenix, Arizona.

USARMY / DoD Security Clearance levels ComSec SECRET / CRYPTO ACCESS / NAC SECRET.