Here are some Articles discussing how the United States Army, CIA, and perhaps other Instruments of the National Security Apparatchik have made use of Biological Weapons of War....even testing it on the unsuspecting American Public

Before I receive anymore 'complaints' about posting articles that 'call into question' the truthfulness about the HIV/AIDS origination/epidemic, allow me to provide you ALL with a link to an article that appeared in Scientific American Magazine (a Well-renowned Peer-Review publication respected by ALL Scientific circles) in 1997. The article details the findings that MANY people of 'pure' Northern European extraction (can we say NAZI 'true-man' types??) are ABSOLUTELY IMMUNE to the HIV retrovirus, because they have a natural mutated form of the CCR5 envelope protein in their cells...and HIV cannot BOND with their cells, and therefore cannot replicate. Please read the article all the way through and TAKE NOTE: The people MOST susceptible to HIV/AIDS are: African, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic. Now...who was out to KILL/ERADICATE all of the 'mud peoples' of the world, back in 1943? Who was operating all over the Belgian Congo of Africa from the mid-1930's right up to the end of World War II? Who did United States EVACUATE from Germany/Europe to keep them from the NAZI hunters...NAZI BioWeapons and Chemical Weapons Engineers and Scientists, NOT just the Weirner Von Braun Rocket Scientists. In fact the USA evacuated 4400 of the Chemical/Biological Warfare types, and only 300 of the Rocket Scientist types in Project PaperClip. Here is the link to the article posted at Scientific American Magazine's website:

Scientific American Article In Search of AIDS-Resistance Genes 9-97.htm

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